Piscina Wellness | SIA 2019 Rimini
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SIA 2019 Rimini

24h Spa-Lounge è opera d’arte in cui le sensazioni si trasformano in principi guida dell’agire quotidiano permettendo all’ospite di raggiungere la compiutezza del benessere. 24h Spa-Lounge area designed by Simone Micheli for the Sia Hospitality Design 2019 exhibition and it qualifies as a high-definition, clear place; it is also characterized by the will to offer a glimpse of the future inside the contemporary wellness industry, through an avant-garde and thrilling insight, showing how wellness and hospitality are inextricably linked. A Spa and lounge area at the same time, where different functions mix and merge following the spontaneous interaction between man and surrounding space, between mind and running time. Real necessities become incentives for finding smart, immediate, fulfilling, personalized and beautiful responses. An evolving Spa area, which guarantees well-being 24 hours a day. This happens as it transforms, changes its appearance, into the focal point of the whole physical and psychic context where it is found. During daytime, calm and serenity conquer the body, surrounded by a comforting well-being aura through the steam bath, sauna and experience shower; by night, it turns into a lively, vivacious area dedicated to business among cocktails, music and chill-out time. Along the walls, alternating white and black create illusions which shape space, making it unstable, swirling and elusive. Absolute black stands in contrast to pure white, darkness against light, lack agains fulfillment, willingly creating emotional short circuits with the goal of wrapping the guest in a totally unknown atmosphere. The blue in the flooring soothes the soul, prompting it to move, conveying a message of both safety and serenity.
24h Spa-Lounge is a work of art in which sensations turn into guiding principles of daily living, letting the guest reach well-being completeness